50% of India’s 1.2 billion live in poverty and 10% do not know where they will get next meal on one side,  on the other side it is estimated that 1.5 trillion dollars was stashed away in foreign havens.   If that money brought back to India, every one of 1.2 billion people will get 1 lakh rupees each.   The corruption affects every single person,  it shows in poor infrastructure,  it shows in the money paid for any Government work done, it shows in the lawlessness and Goonda raj.

It is more worse.  This lack of development is fueling Maoist insurgency that has affected 1/3 rd of the country.   The military purchase kickbacks and shoddy equipment is weakening India’s military so much that  India today cannot withstand wars with its neighbors. The country’s mineral wealth worth trillions that belongs to all citizens is looted to the hilt by select few.  Even the donations of devotees (Hindu and Jain) at their worship places is not spared.

All the development being talked about in India is helping only 13-15% of the people, leaving behind a sea of humanity impoverished.

In summary, corruption impoverishing people, stunting development,  causing insurgency and weakening the ability of country to defend itself and eventually will destroy the nation.