Corrupt politicians come from all political parties, starting with Ms. Sonia Gandhi/Rahul Gandhi,  Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy/Jagan, A. Raja,  Karunanidhi, Lalloo Yadav,  Amar Singh, Mayawathi,  Om Mahajan, Gowdas, Yedurappa, Vajpayee’s Son-in-law, Chautalas and the list goes on.    The corrupt environment started with Indira Gandhi who openly patronized corruption to stay in power.   With maximum time in power and power concentrated in one family, Nehru family have amassed large wealth running into many billions with others small players (comparatively) following suit.  See http://GandhiHeritage.org on Sonia’s history.  In 1991,  popular (in Switzerland) magazine ‘Illustre Schweiger’ published that Rajiv Gandhi has 2 billion dollars in Swiss accounts.  KGB connections of Nehru family, being paid agents to KGB, is public information.

India is ruled by few dynasties, foremost among them is Nehru dynasty.  Elections have little meaning because with every politician having skeletons in their closet, they can be easily subjected to carrot and stick, i.e, if you do not support us you will be prosecuted but if you do, few crores will be thrown your way.   With the enormous funds and clout concentrated in few individuals,  India has virtually become a banana republic.  While the few collude with rich, 70% of Indians live in poverty, every second child lives with hunger.  The political system of India has become the scourge of the nation and India desperately needs second independence.